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2/15/02   Courtesy of

The Ross Report

Booker T's Hungry Man commercial is getting great reviews from the sponsor and their ad agency. To know this performer from Houston is to respect him. He's a top-shelf individual we are lucky to have on the roster.

1/19/02   Courtesy of

Booker speaks on Hall, Nash & Hogan

Booker T on Hall, Nash, and Hogan: "It can be positive for the fans and ratings. The negative is if they come in here and don't work as hard as we do. They can't come here, no work as hard, and last. The WWF has made me feel part of their family, so I'm going to continue working hard like I have. Them coming here doesn't take any money out of my pocket."

1/18/02   Courtesy of

The Ross Report

Booker T will soon shoot a Hungry Man commercial.

1/16/02   Courtesy of

Booker T on Stern Thursday morning
Tomorrow (Thursday) morning, Booker T will be appearing on the Howard Stern radio show. Booker's appearance is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. ET. Check your local radio listings to find out when Stern airs in your area. 

12/20/01   Courtesy of

Booker/Austin Update

Booker T and Steve Austin is an obvious feud going into Royal Rumble. However, the WWF is debating on whether or not to name it a singles match on the pay-per view because the two would have a significant impact on the outcome of the Royal Rumble match itself. Without Steve Austin, Booker T, Chris Jericho who would obviously be defending his title in a solo match, and his opponent who would also have to be a major player, the Royal Rumble would almost be insignificant.

12/15/01   Courtesy of

The Ross Report

I thought it was a good week for Booker T -- whose resurgence is a good thing. I think Booker is going to do very well as time goes on.

12/1/01   Courtesy of

The Ross Report

Rumor has it that Ebony Magazine considers Booker T one of the sexiest bachelors in entertainment.

11/16/01   Courtesy of

The Ross Report

Booker T has been having some lower back pain -- essentially, in laymen's terms, muscle spasms. He's been getting therapy on the road and at home. He won't miss any TV time.

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