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2/25/02 Raw Courtesy of

Referee: Mike Sparks
Booker T vs. Rikishi

Rikishi made his way out to the ring for his one on one match against Booker T!

The start:

Booker T attacked Rikishi right as he got in the ring and he hammered him down in the corner with a number of right hands and chops.

Mid-match notes:

After a belly to belly suplex, Booker T crawled towards the corner and Rikishi went for a splash, but he missed it and then Booker T knocked Rikishi down with an ax kick and then he went for a side kick, but Rikishi ducked it and then he knocked Booker T down into the corner with a super kick.

The finish:

As Rikishi went for the stink face, Booker T used the referee as a shield and then he got up and knocked Rikishi down with the side kick and then a pin for a three count to pick up the win!

Winner - Booker T

2/24/02 WWF House Show Courtesy of

Booker-T vs. Rikishi
Heel heat for Booker as he yelled at people in the audiance on his way to
the ring. Pop for Rikishi especially when he gave Booker a wedgie

Winner- Booker T via Big Boot from Test who came down when Booker had the
ref distracted.

2/23/02 WWF House Show Courtesy of

Match Five: Booker T vs Rikishi
Booker T played the heel role well, flipping off several fans on his way to the ring. Decent match with Rikishi kicking out of the Scissors Kick, then Booker T tried to give Rikishi the Stinkface, but Rikishi moved and proceeded to give Booker T the Stinkface followed up by the Bonzai Drop for the win. Booker was actually laughing on his way back to the locker room and gave a few high fives.

2/18/02 No Way Out Courtesy of

Referee: Tim White
The Godfather vs. Booker T

The Godfather's music hit in the arena and he made his way out to the ring with his escorts and he's set for a one on one match against Booker T.

The start:

The two started it off with a lock up and the Godfather backed Booker T into the corner. The referee called for a clean break and Booker T fired back with some right hands and kicks on the Godfather into the corner.

Mid-match notes:

It was hard for everyone to focus on this match up after what just went down with The Rock and the nWo. Even the Godfather's escorts had troubles focusing as they discussed it at ringside.

The finish:

The Godfather went for the Train on Booker T, but he noticed that his women weren't paying attention and when he turned around, Booker T nailed him with a side kick and then he pinned him for a three count to pick up the win.

Winner - Booker T

2/17/02 No Way Out Courtesy of

WWF Tag Team Championship
Tazz & Spike Dudley vs. Booker T & Test

Match starts off on the outside with Booker and Test attacking first. In the ring Tazz hits Test with a back elbow followed by a clothesline. Spike with a missile dropkick on Test. Spike fights out of a Test powerbomb. Spike rolls up Test for a two count. Booker kicks Spike out of Test's arms. Booker chops Spike in the ropes. Booker clotheslines Spike. Booker knocks Tazz off the ring apron. Double team on Spike. Test with running clotheslines on Spike. Test knocks Tazz off the ring apron. Test misses an elbow drop on Spike. Spike spears Test. Test counters the dudley dog by dropping Spike across the ropes. Booker with the axe kick on Spike. Spinaroonie. Tazz breaks the count. Spike with a tornado ddt on Booker. Tazz tagged in and cleans house. Tazz ducks Test's big boot. Tazzmission on Test but Test gets out with a headbutt. Spike hits Test with the dudley dog. Booker pulls Spike out of the ring. Spike posts Booker. Test rolls up Tazz and puts his feet on the ropes but the ref sees it. Test argues with the ref. Tazzmission on Test for the submission.
Winners: Tazz & Spike Dudley

2/16/02 WWF House Show Courtesy of

Match 7: Tag Team Championship: Tazz and Spike Dudley VS Booker T and Test -- Great crowd interaction from all. Booker T and Test were pretty funny together. Tazz and Spike won via Tazzmission on Test.

2/14/02 Smackdown Courtesy of

Referee: Mike Sparks
Booker T vs. Spike Dudley

One half of the Tag Team Champions, Spike Dudley made his way out for his one on one contest against Booker T. Tazz did not come out to the ring with Spike Dudley as he's out promoting Tough Enough 2, but Test did come out with Booker T.

The start:

A cocky Booker T sent Test back to the locker room area, because he doesn't need him to defeat a guy like Spike. The match started off with a kick to the chest of Spike to knock him down. Booker T hammered away on Spike with some kicks, punches and chops.

Mid-match notes:

Booker T dominated Spike Dudley and he got in the spinaroonie trance and he did the spinaroonie and then he knocked Spike down with a side kick, pinned him for a two count and lifted him off the mat in a cocky manner.

The finish:

Booker T gave Spike Dudley a super plex from the top rope and when they hit the mat, Spike hooked Booker T's leg and got him in a small package pin for a three count to capture the win in a HUGE upset!

Winner - Spike Dudley

2/11/02 Raw Courtesy of

Referee: Chad Patten
Booker T vs. Tazz

Booker T made his way out to the ring along side Test and this is a one on one match with Booker T against Tazz. Spike Dudley accompanied Tazz to the ring as they are the WWF Tag Team Champions. (I smell a match on Smackdown!: Test and Booker T vs. Tazz and Spike Dudley.)

The start:

The match started off quickly with Booker T attacking and pounding Tazz down in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

After being pounded down in the corner, Tazz battled back with some right hands, but it wasn't enough to take out Booker T. Booker T hit the ax kick on Tazz and then he did the spinaroonie. Booker waited for Tazz to get up and he went for the Book End, but Tazz countered it into the Tazzmission.

The finish:

As Tazz had the Tazzmission on Booker T, Spike got in the ring and went after Test, who tried to get into the ring, but as the referee got rid of Spike, Test nailed Tazz and then Booker T pinned him for a three count to get the win.

Winner - Booker T

2/7/02 Smackdown Courtesy of

The Rock came out to the ring and Michael Cole speculated that we'd hear from him after what the Undertaker did to him on WWF RAW this past Monday night when he laid the People's Champion out with a lead pipe in the middle of the ring, costing The Rock and Stone Cold the tag team match against Chris Jericho and the Undertaker. The Rock was fired up as the fans chanted his name and he got on the stick and talked about the kind of respect that The Rock has for the Undertaker. The Undertaker has a match against Maven tonight, but that's going to have to wait. The Rock started to call out the Undertaker when Booker T's music hit and he decided to interrupt the Brahma Bull. Of course, there is a lot of history between The Rock and Booker T dating back to Summer Slam. Booker T complained about The Rock, because of the size of his ego and head. Booker T is the one who beat Triple H last week and kicked his ass last Monday night. Booker T is also the one that's going to make an example out of The Rock. Can you dig that, sucka? The Rock accepted Booker T's challenge and he compared the match to a movie, and the name of this movie would be "The Rock whooping your candy ass all over the ring!"

Match # 1 - Referee: Tim White - The Rock vs. Booker T

Booker T quickly stormed to the ring and went at it with The Rock and The rock was quick to knock Booker T down with the jumping clothesline. Moments later, Booker T knocked The Rock down with a kick to the chest as referee Tim White made his way out as the official referee for this match.

The finish:

Booker T knocked The Rock down with the scissors kick, but instead of covering The Rock for the 1, 2, 3, he decided to perform the spinaroonie. As Booker T got back to his feet with the spinaroonie, The Rock did a nip up and he gave Booker T a 'pine buster' as it's called now and then he hit him with the people's elbow and then the pin for the three count to get the win.

Winner: The Rock

2/4/02 Raw Courtesy of

Referee: Timothy White
Triple H vs. Booker T

Booker T started to make his way to the ring and Triple H got out of the ring and hammered away on Booker T at the bottom of the ramp. Booker T and Triple H continued to go at it and Triple H slammed Booker T into the steel steps as referee Tim White was there. Triple H slammed Booker T into the steel ring post and then he rolled him into the ring and we have a match here! Triple H mounted Booker T in the ring and gave him a number of right hands and then Triple H argued with Tim White and then Booker T knocked Triple H down with a super kick. Booker T knocked Triple H down with a side kick and then he stomped away on him as he was down on the mat. Triple H fired back with some right hands on Booker T, but Booker T knocked Triple H down with a reverse elbow. Booker T took Triple H down and then he pinned him for a two count and then Booker T waited for Triple H to get up and he went for the Book End, but Triple H countered it into a spinebuster. Booker T went for a clothesline, but Triple H ducked it and then he took Booker T down by the throat and he choked away on him on the mat. Triple H whipped Booker, but Booker countered and then Triple H came back with a face buster. Triple H then waited for Booker T to get up and the fans chanted "Pedigree, Pedigree!" Triple H went for it, but Booker T got out of it and Booker T went for the scissors kick, but Triple H avoided it and then he put Booker T in the Pedigree and then he pinned him for a two count when Kurt Angle hit the ring and attacked Triple H.
Winner as a result of a disqualification, Triple H

2/3/02 WWF House Show Courtesy of

Match 9: Booker T vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Sweet Christmas! It's like the crowd went louder with each match... The crowd also found a way to work the "What?" chant into Booker T's music. Austin came out with the music they played when he was in the Alliance. Weird. Great match. We got to see everything from these two. Lou Thesz Press, Spine busters, the mudhole stomp in the corner, that Austin running driving elbow. Booker hit a superkick, knocking Austin down, Booker did the spineroonie and as he went for the Harlem sidekick, Austin caught him, spun him around, kicked him and hit the stunner! Booker actually bounced up high enough that he landed on his feet and Austin hit the stunner AGAIN on Booker! Bossman tried to interfere but Austin stunned him too. Austin won and drank maybe a case of beers with Tim White. Booker and Bossman leave and Austin stuck around to drink more beers and pose. Austin then grabbed the mic and did the whole "Beverly Hillbillies" theme thing again, complete with "What?" chants in between each line. He then talked about how after the match he loved Tucson, was going to go back to his hotel, drink so many beers he'd still be awake by morning. Then he'd go down to Reno on Sunday, whip some ass and drink some more beers. Then on Monday, he'd go down to Las Vegas on Raw and "kick the sh*t out of everyone and drink some more beers." and then on Wednesday "Come back to Tucson and have a great time". He thanked us all for coming and that was that.

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