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Maad Sports 1/12/02

Booker T hosted the January 12th edition of BET's "Maad Sports". Here is a recap of the program.

The show opened with Booker T's arena entrance video.

Booker summarized his career, mentioning that he was a heel when he was in Harlem Heat & a face as a singles wrestler. He then said that he wants the fans to either really hate him or really like him and that he enjoys playing both roles.

Booker said that he wants to perform for the fans at the highest degree that he can.

Booker stated that he wants to be remember as a superstar that set a standard & mentioned that when he first started wrestling, his goal was to change the black wrestler stereotype from being someone that just danced & did headbutts. He then said that it's still his number 1 goal.

Booker introduced every video in the Players Top 10 Videos countdown. During the videos, Booker put over the artists and information about Booker's career & life flashed across the bottom of the screen. The top 10 videos were:

10. "Break Your Neck" by Busta Rhymes
9. "Bouncin' Back" by Mystikal
8. "Gets No Love" by Faith
7. "So Fresh, So Clean" by Outkast
6. "Lay Low" by Snoop Dogg
5. "How Do You Want It?" by Tupac featuring Jodeci
4. "Put It On Me" by Ja Rule featuring Lil' Mo & Vita
3. "Girls, Girls, Girls" by Jay Z
2. "Take Away" by Missy Elliott featuring Tweet & Ginuwine
1. "One More Chance" by Notorious B.I.G.

Between videos, Booker appeared a different spots throughout WWF New York. He also compared the size of his hands to the size of Andre The Giant's hands, plugged WWF merchandise & thanked BET for choosing him to host the show.