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Page, Booker T invade King of the Ring
By: Phil Speer

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- In a night many fans figured would never happen, two high-profile WCW competitors invaded a World Wrestling Federation Pay-Per-View Sunday night at King of the Ring.

In one case, it was expected, as Diamond Dallas Page had announced he was going to be there. However, Booker T shocked the crowd at the Continental Airlines Arena when he appeared during the main event and attacked Stone Cold Steve Austin.

"It was crazy. It was great," Booker T told immediately after the match. "The fans accepted me. It's something that you kind of worry about going from one place to another."

The WCW Champion had been idle for more than two months, since the last WCW Nitro aired. But clearly, he's remained in top shape. He was also clearly very happy to be back in the spotlight.

"Everything is really laid back, really organized," Booker said, regarding the Federation locker room environment. "Everything is just a lot calmer."

Upon arriving at the arena, Booker met many of the Federation Superstars, and chatted with some old friends, including the Big Show.

"They guys that (the Federation) picked up are really good guys," Big Show said. "They just didn't have room to grow, room to breathe. I know a lot of these guys. I try to give them to know-how like Billy Gunn did for me when I came over here."

One of the major adjustments for the WCW stars is the ring that the Federation uses, which is a few feet bigger than the former WCW squared circle.

Booker was spotted in the ring Sunday afternoon getting accustomed to it.

"For my style of wrestling, I think it'll be a lot better," he said.

Page, meanwhile, has had a few more days to adjust to the Federation and its ring. Of course, DDP first appeared on Federation television one week ago. But he said participating in King of the Ring was extra special.

"One word: unbelievable," Page said. "You're talking about dreams coming true.

"I did kick the Undertaker's ass," Page added jokingly. "He doesn't know it yet. His hands will feel it later."

Page added that he's also extremely excited to be going to Madison Square Garden for Monday's RAW IS WAR.

"To be able to go to the Garden and make history as the first WCW guy," Page said. "How strong is that?"