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Q & A with Booker T
By: Matt Duda

CLEVELAND - WCW U.S. and World Heavyweight Champion Booker T has been through a lot since busting onto World Wrestling Federation television at King of the Ring. caught up with the champ Sunday at Invasion to find out the status of his transition to the new company. Any injuries to report?
Booker T: No injuries. I feel good, just banged up. I've been going to my hotel and taking a nice hot bath every night, something that hasn't happened in 10 years probably. Anything strike you as particularly different about preparing for a World Wrestling Federation Pay-per-view as opposed to an old-WCW PPV?
Booker T: It's a lot of pressure now being at the forefront of WCW being the champ and the U.S. champ. For myself it's a lot of nervousness, but normally I use nervous energy to my advantage. It makes me go out and focus a lot better and work a lot harder. In that aspect it's kind of the same because even in WCW I always strived to be the best I could no matter what the ratings were. It's somewhat of the same How's your adjustment to the Federation's style going? Anything in particular you're working on now?
Booker T: I'm just working on enhancing my ring presence up to what (the Federation) is used to seeing. I'm getting the hang of it because I've got like about 10 coaches in my ear giving me advice and teaching me every day I'm around. It's kind of like I'm on-the-job training all over again after 12 years, but it's a good thing because I've got nothing but good advice, nothing but positive feedback. Everything someone has to me has been something to help me out there in the ring. That's a good thing. Would you say that you're a leader in the WCW locker room?
Booker T: Yeah because the guys know they can count on me to go out and work my hardest. They can count on me to go out and try to pull whatever I have to do off to make it right. Most of the WCW young talent they look up to me and they see me at my worst times when I was hurting, beat up, my knees were aching and I've had to crawl up the steps to get up the entry way. But I always somehow went out pulled it off. So I've earned a lot of respect from WCW guys.