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Booker T on Off the Record

The Canadian Sports Talk Show hosted by Michael Landsburg, Off the Record, will have Booker T making a special guest appearance. Booker T will most likely be discussing his current wrestling career, as well as many other topics in the world of sports. You can check this out exclusively on TSN on Thursday, November 1st at 6:00PM EST!

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Booker visits WTC Site

Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, Booker T, The Undertaker, Debra, Bradshaw and the McMahon family represented the WWF by visiting the World Trade Center site last Sunday.

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Booker T Talks About Linda McMahon, Steve Austin, & Family

Booker T made his triumphant debut in the WWF by slamming Stone Cold Steve Austin through a table. He nearly injured Stone Cold legitimately.

``It was a bitter-sweet night. We all work toward one common goal -- to entertain the fans, give them exactly what they came to see, exactly what they paid their money to see. I kind of hurt Stone Cold in a bad way. I could have injured him in a permanent way, which is not supposed to happen.''

Fortunately, Stone Cold survived the accident, and Booker T grew from the experience.

``My acceptance by the WWF, the wrestlers, my peers has been great.''

WWFE CEO Linda McMahon made Booker T feel at ease after signing with the WWF.

``When I first met her, her response was we finally got you,'' Booker T said. ``That summed it up for me and let me know where I stood with the McMahon family. It made me feel like part of the WWF family, finally.''

The fans are another matter.

``Once I came through the WWF door, the fans abandoned Booker T,'' he said. ``So I abandoned them. If they want to cheer for The Rock or Kurt Angle -- all these crying babies -- I can accept that. But if you don't want to respect Booker T, The Book, the No. 1 best seller. He's going to have to earn that respect. That's the only way it is to be done with The Book.

``The Book has made an impact on the WWF -- unseen like any professional wrestler who has come into this business has ever done. He is pursuing one thing and one thing only, and that is the WWF title.

``Once he gets the WWF title, he is probably going to retire with it. He's probably going to strap it to the back of his Harley Davidson on a chain and drag it down Richmond Avenue with sparks flying all over. It's going to be a celebration like the 4th of July.''

Booker T merchandise is hitting hard and heavy. The Booker T `Suck-a' and `You didn't say that. Tell me you did not say that' T-shirts are in demand.

WWF star Mick Foley said: ``Booker T has really come along -- not as a talent -- but as a marketable commodity.''

Booker T knows his strengths and limitations. He is a team player.

``If you don't look at professional wrestling as sports entertainment, you can really get lost in who you are and what you are,'' Booker T said, ``and you can really start believing in your character.

``When I leave that studio, when I leave that ring, when I come home, my son calls me dad. He doesn't call me Booker T or The Book or The No. 1 Best Seller. I know who I am, and everyone around me knows who I am, and the company knows who I am, otherwise I wouldn't be in this position. I don't take offense to what is said on TV about me. It's part of the story.''

Booker T won the WCW world title by defeating Jeff Jarrett at Bash at the Beach in Daytona Beach. He became the second African-American to capture the WCW title -- the first being WWF star Faarooq, aka Ron Simmons.

``It meant a whole to me and a lot of people,'' Booker T said. ``When I won the WCW title, we were at our lowest times. But my segments were always good, and the ratings were up on my segments. It proved to WCW and the world, Booker T, a black man, could be in that position, on top.

``I never looked at myself as a black wrestler. I never wanted to be looked at as a good, black baby face or a good, black heel. I just wanted to be recognized as a wrestler.''

Booker T Talks About the WWF, WCW, Tag-Team, & Main Eventer

While most high-salary stars sat home collecting the big money from their guaranteed WCW contracts, two big-name WCW employees opted for the buyout and signed with the WWF.

DDP and Booker T joined the WWF roster.

Not to take anything away from those such as Goldberg, Sting, Ric Flair and Kevin Nash, who are resting their bodies and spending time with their families as they receive money owed them by the former WCW, but DDP and Booker T have flourished since debuting in the WWF -- especially the Booker Man.

``It's a good time right now for the Booker Man,'' Booker T said. ``I was one-half of the WCW tag team champs with Test. Booker T and Test. T-n-T. What better. Dy-no-mite.''

It marked the first time Booker T held the WCW tag title without his brother Stevie Ray.

``It was a little weird not having big Steve on my side,'' Booker T said, ``but it's a new day and a new era.''

Several weeks ago, Stevie Ray returned from Australia working shows for another promotion. He's returning to Australia in a few weeks to work another tour.

``Never say never,'' Booker T noted. ``He may show his face in the WWF as part of the Alliance.''

When Stevie Ray was sidelined with an injury in WCW, Booker T made his mark as a singles wrestler, especially working a series with Chris Benoit for the WCW TV title.

``I love singles wrestling, but right now Booker T, the Booker Man, [is] lacking one thing, and that was gold around his waist,'' he said. ``I'm used to having gold around my waist: 5-time WCW world heavyweight champion, 11-time WCW tag team champion, six-time WCW Television champion and one-time U.S. champion. I'm used to having gold dripping off the Booker. It's a good thing.''

Everything adorning Booker T in the WWF is bigger and better than when he lived in WCW.

``Pat Patterson, Blackjack Lanza, Tony Garea, guys like that are putting a lot of knowledge in my head and showing me the finer points of the game -- stuff that I have been missing out on for so long. It's been a great learning experience.''

Booker T coined the phrase `Suck-a' in WCW. He takes that word to new heights in the WWF.

Also calling himself The Book, he is the self-proclaimed most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

Booker T created the Spinaroonie in WCW. He currently draws power from the hand after executing his patented Spinaroonie in the WWF.

``The power lies in the hand,'' Booker T said. ``When I look at each and everyone of my fingers in that hand, they represent each time I've won the WCW title -- five times. I draw a certain strength from it. The fans also draw something from it. They're feeling it. They're feeling the hand. It's amazing the power of the hand, and it's only going to get stronger and stronger and stronger.

``You've got to get the vibe first. Then you've got to the rub. If you don't get the rub, then you don't get the feel.''

Booker T continues to improve on the mic in the WWF. He answers any disparaging remarks with `You didn't say that. Tell me . . . you did not say that.'

Booker T is developing other new moves, sayings and phrases. The Production knee drop is another new creation.

``In this business, you never stop learning,'' he said. ``When you think you've figured it all out, then it's time to get out.''

Booker T felt a rush when battling the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

``It's an incredible feeling going out there -- in an arena -- to face someone like The Rock. A lot of people wanted to see a WCW guy vs. a WWF guy.

``It's amazing for me -- coming from where I did in WCW as a tag-team wrestler to fighting my way through all the red tape, the rhetoric and the politics to make it where I have. It does prove the guy who works hard can make it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.''

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Booker at Rebellion

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WCW Tag Titles

Look for Test and Booker T. to hold the WCW tag titles for awhile. The WWF is very happy with the way both men have progressed recently and feel giving them the straps can only help put them over more.

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Raw Main Event

The main event has been signed for RAW!  It will be the Undertaker, Kane and Chris Jericho going against Test, Booker T and Rob Van Dam!

The Undertaker and Kane will both be in the same ring as Booker T and Test, the same men who took there WCW Tag Team Titles on SmackDown!

RAW is live tonight from Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 9est/8cst on TNN!

WWF Byte This!

Booker T will be the guest for WWF Byte This! on the 12th October.