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5/30/01 Courtesy of the

Booker signs release, free to sign with WWF version of WCW

Bob Ryder of reports that Booker T has reached a settlement with Time Warner and has signed a release earlier this week. The release will allow him to sign a contract with the WWF's owned version of World championship Wrestling.

5/25/01 Courtesy of the

Very Close

Booker T is coming very close to signing with WWFE to be debuted in the new WCW as the champion. Diamond Dallas Page is also rumored to sign with the company.

Contract Status

DDP, Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T remain the only talent from WCW that the WWF believe will accept buy outs from Time Warner that will enable them to work for the new WCW. Booker's Time Warner contract doesn't expire until early 2002. No word on when DDP's contract ends.

5/20/01 Courtesy of the

Booker T/WWF

There still is strong talk of the WWF bringing in Booker T.

5/13/01 Courtesy of the

Booker T. wants to be on 1st WCW Telecast

Booker T wants to be on the first WCW telecast. Although, he would have to give up around 750,000 dollars, if he accepts a buy out from his Time Warner contract.

5/10/01 Courtesy of the

Booker T. eager join WWF

Booker T is eager to join the re-launch of WCW but will need to work out a contract buyout with Time Warner before signing with the WWFE. According to sources, Time Warner is aware that Booker T wants to join the World Wrestling Federation and many WWF officials want him so they may low-ball offered to him on purpose.

Booker T./Backlash

While it had been rumored all over the Internet, Booker T was never scheduled to run in at Backlash last month to save Shane McMahon in his match against The Big Show. Test ran in to save Shane, and a WCW wrestler, even Booker T, was never expected to do the run in although several reports indicted a WCW wrestler will help Shane with in his match. Booker T is expected to sign with the World Wrestling Federation in the future.

5/8/01 Courtesy of the

Booker T.'s Contract Status

Booker T has 1-2 years remaining on his current WCW contract of $750,000 but is considering taking a buyout from AOL/Time Warner in order to sign with WWFE. The belief is that Booker T, DDP, and Scott Steiner will be the “Big 3” who will lead the new WCW in the beginning.

DDP has 9 months remaining on his contract which translates to approximately $1million. Like Booker T, he is said to be anxious to work under the new ownership.

5/4/01 Courtesy of the

Booker T. /WWF

It appears that several friends of Booker T are saying he will accept his Time-Warner/AOL contract buyout so he can sign with the World Wrestling Federation.