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6/30/01 UWF Indy Show  Courtesy of

Simon Diamond (I THINK it was the guy from ECW, not sure. ) got in the ring, bad mouthed Rush and everyone else saying he didn't have to put the world belt up for ANYONE, including BOOKER T. Well that got a MASSIVE Booker T chant going. (Me, My buddy Mark and the guy behind us. For this crowd it was massive) Diamond looked my buddy MArk dead in the eye and says "Look 4 eyes, you like Booker T so much, I'll tell ya what. I'll give him 30 seconds to come out here and I'll give him a title shot!" This got the crowd going. He continued to make fun of us and Booker while we both "raised the roof" Diamond Says "What?? What??" As Booker's music Hits. He looks back to us starts in again... I do the Scott Hall 2 hand point... he turns around and WHAM!! There's Booker!! Couple pf shots, Harlem Side kick... sets up for the Harlem Hangover!!! BOOKER GETS THE PIN!!! BOOKER T IS THE UWF CHAMP!!!!!!!

Booker then hands his belt over to the ONLY man in UWF who deserves the belt, Rush!

Winner: Booker T.

3/26/01 Nitro   Courtesy of

WCW World Heavyweight Title vs. United States Heavyweight Title
Booker T. d. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner with Midajah
Steiner came to the ring first with Midajah by his side, ready to take on his challenger, current U.S. champion Booker T. During the first exchange, Booker ducked a Steinerline, releasing a Harlem sidekick to set the tone for the bout. Outside, Midajah slapped T across the face as Big Poppa Pump swung the lead pipe, barely missing Booker's head and slamming the pipe into the ringpost. Steiner used his power to clamp on a surfboard variation, but the U.S. titleholder fought out of the move, feeding off the cheers of the fans. T hit the axe kick and the Harlem sidekick, but Big Poppa countered the Bookend, driving his opponent over with a suplex for a close two-count. As Steiner went for a powerbomb, Booker floated through and connected on his second Bookend attempt, this time scoring the 1-2-3 to become the WCW world champion once again.

Winner: Booker T.