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6/28/01 Courtesy of the

Tentative Invasion PPV Main Event

The tenative main-event for WWF Invasion pay-per view is set to show Booker T against Stone Cold Steve Austin in possibly a title vs. title match, or title unification match. There is also a chance that it could be a tag match pitting WCW Champion Booker T and WCW Owner Shane McMahon taking on WWF Champion Steve Austin and WWF Owner Vince McMahon. However the invasion angles are still in the early stages and a lot could happen from now until the pay-per view.

Televised WWF/WCW Matches

As related to the first topic, WWF television next week will debut WWF vs. WCW matches. Buff Bagwell, Shane Helms, Chavo Guerrero, and Booker T are all scheduled to have matches on the July 1st House Show in Spokane Washington, so they very well could make their WWF in-ring debut on RAW is WAR and SmackDown! Also, Chuck Palumbo and Shawn O'Haire could have their first televised WWF tag-team match. Another foreshadowed match is Mike Awesome defending the WWF Hardcore title on RAW and/or SmackDown!

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Dream come true

Booker T has been telling people that working in the WWF has been a dream come true for him so far. This is the general thought of pretty much every WCW wrestler who has appeared on WWF television.

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Austin/Booker T.

As seen last night on RAW, a huge Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T feud is starting to come together. The two superstars may have a match at the WWF's next Pay Per View, entitled "Invasion." Another possiblity at "Invasion" would be to have a tag match involving members of the WWF and WCW going against each other. With the group of WWF superstars led by APA being formed last night, this certainly may happen.

Although some people are saying that it was Booker T's fault that Stone Cold Steve Austin injured his hand at WWF King of the Ring this past Sunday, it turns out as though Booker T was forced to throw Austin near the edge of the Spanish announce table. When Booker T invaded, the announce table still had monitors on it, so if the WCW Champion hit the move it the middle of the table, Austin could have been seriously injured. Obviously this whole thing could have been avoided if Booker had set up the table for the spot, but he didn't and it almost costed the WWF greatly.

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Booker going to get major heat

- WWF officials are said to be displeased with their own decision to put their top star (Steve Austin) in the hands of someone who has never competed with the company nor Steve Austin. Apparently when the pay-per view concluded, Stone Cold could barely move. He reportedly iced his back up before going to get X-Rays along with Chris Benoit after the show ended. His hand was feeling extremely numb after the pay-per view and early suggestions indicate that the hand is most likely broken. He is not expected to miss any ring-time as a result of his hand, but if his back is as bad as predicted, he could need a few weeks to rest up. The WWF now without The Rock, Triple H, and Chris Benoit can not afford to lose Steve Austin as well.

- As earlier reported, Austin's injury occurred when Booker T carelessly over-tossed "The Rattlesnake" which resulted in Austin landing wrong through the table, and violently smashing into one of the announcers chairs as the table collapsed.

- As far as Booker T goes, it's likely he will be receiving major political heat backstage with WWF superstars due to the fact that it's widely known Austin needs to be treated somewhat delicatly when taking bumps that involve his neck. Obviously this is due to the major neck surgery Austin underwent a few years ago. The WWF talent and officials aren't tolerant when it comes to someone not protecting their opponent, and the fact that if Austin misses significant ring-time as a result of what transpired, that would hurt the paychecks of WWF talent.

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Booker backstage at KOTR

Dallas Page, Kanyon, Booker T, and Buff Bagwell are all backstage at KOTR tonight. Sean O'Haire can be added to that list as well. It is also rumored that there are a few other "surprise" people who may show up on the PPV.

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Booker's Role

Booker T is expected to have a major role in the upcoming WWF vs. WCW wars. We could see a big nWo like invasion where there is a common goal among several WCW talents involving the WWF and WWF television. We should see some sort of major invasion soon after King of the Ring concludes.

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Booker at King of the Ring?

Dave Scherer of is reporting that many reliable sources have told him that the WCW Invasion will have a major impact at King of the Ring this Sunday on PPV. He has been told that Buff Bagwell and Booker T are going to be at the show and have possible on camera roles. The Invasion of the WCW will most likely kick off at full strength after the PPV to start the build up for next months pay-per-view Invasion.

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Booker appears at UWA Show

The following was sent in to me from

“Booker T and Stevie Ray were on UPN’s UWA (Urban Wrestling Alliance) and attacked 3 wrestlers sorry I don’t know who they attacked peace -
rhyno wcw”

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Booker T. mentioned in Chris Beniot Interview

Benoit emphasized that he loved feuding with Booker T. He said that Booker T is one of the biggest secrets in the industry since he works for WCW. Benoit said that he and Booker put a lot of work into their matches with each other.

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Booker T vs. Kanyon at Pillman Show

Booker T vs. Chris Kanyon has been added to the 2001 Brian Pillman Memorial Show. On top of that match, Chris Benoit will take on William Regal with Ricky Steamboat as the referee in the main event, Missy Hyatt will take on Elektra, Terry Taylor will take on Bobby Eaton and X-Factor will wrestle the Hardy Boyz. Also scheduled to appear at the show are Jerry Lynn, Raven and Steve Corino. The Brian Pillman Memorial Show will take place on August 9th at Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Booker T. Returns

The Heartland Wrestling Association website has announced that Booker T will appear at the HWA/Ohio Valley Wrestling show on July 13 at the Grand Victoria Casino. Booker is expected to face Bobby Eaton in his first wrestling match since the Time Warner/WCW/WWF deal.

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MAYHEM reader Samir Nurmohamed sent this in:

According to Blackjack Brown of the Chicago Sun Times, Goldberg might be returning to the ring soon.

Brown reports that Goldberg may be the next superstar in wrestling to invade the WWF with Shane McMahon. With guys like Lance Storm and Hugh Morrus already making their presence felt in the WWF, Goldberg is a likely candidate to debut in the WWF. Also, in a recent radio interview, Mean Gene Okerlund said that he knows that Goldberg wants to return to a wrestling ring.

Along with Goldberg, we could see guys like Booker T, Scott Steiner and even perhaps Ric Flair debut for the new WCW. Booker T has already signed a contract with the WWF, while Scott Steiner and Ric Flair are now anxious to return to the squared circle.

And with the WWF Invasion pay-per-view approaching in just over a month, we could see some inter-promotional matches at the event. These matches could include some of the top stars from the WWF battling it out with some WCW wrestlers that could include Jeff Jarrett, Booker T, and possibly Rob Van Dam.

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Lance Storm Interview

The following interview was conducted by Jeff Marek and Dan Lovranski, on June 3rd.

Lance said he had lots of fun last Monday on WWF RAW is WAR. He found out he was going to be the first WCW invader that very same day at 3 pm in the afternoon when he met with Jim Ross. Storm tells us that it was nice to surprise the fans with his appearance, since nobody in the industry knew he was going to appear on Raw. Also, he said that he believed that it was great to make his debut in Calgary because the fans knew who he was.

Storm said that he looks forward to working with guys like Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Edge, Hardy Boys, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, etc. However, Storm also went on to say that it would probably be better to put a guy like Booker T in with Angle rather than him at the current time, since he is not built up yet. Also, Storm said that we will most likely never see a cWo angle because there is no point since we already have the "real life" angle.

Storm said that he had a nice reunion with some of his old ECW pals such as Chris Jericho, Jerry Lynn, and Justin Credible. He even went to say that he picked Justin up from the airport and took him to his house. Also, Storm said that it was nice to see Paul Heyman again and he really enjoys Paul's commentating.

As far as the WWF/WCW go, Storm said that there is not that big of a difference between the two lockerrooms. The only major difference is that its a lot more organized.

In the WCW invasion angle, Storm said he hopes Booker T gets a tremendous push, since he is a big fan of Booker's work in the ring. Also, he said that he would love to see Flair involved, but he is not sure that would be possible.

Storm said that he has really been a fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin's work of late, and Austin has been "busting his ass." Storm went on to saying that it was great for the WWF to put Benoit with Austin since he can deliver "safe bumps."

Lance Storm emphasized that he did not want to address anything about the issues in the Hart family. He said that its their "laundry" and they can deal with it. Later in the interview Storm went on to say that he doesn't think Bret really cared about the "Montreal finish" in the main event. All Bret really cares about now as far as Vince McMahon goes, is what happened to Owen.

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Booker's WWFE Status

Expect Booker T to be offered a WWFE contract within the next few days and could become an official part of the WCW roster as soon as late next week.