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7/30/01 Raw Courtesy of

WCW Championship - No DQ
Booker T w/ Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle

Match starts on the outside with both men trading blows. Members of the Alliance show up and start beating on Angle. The WWF guys come out to even the score while Shane and Booker hide behind the security wall.


Back from the break, order has been restored and the match officially starts. Clothesline by Angle. Angle with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle chases Shane out of the ring. Angle turns around and walks into a sidekick. Mule kick by Booker. Short arm clothesline by Booker for a two count. Booker with a knee drop. Back kick by Booker for a two count. Flying forearm by Booker for a two count. Booker kicks Angle down in the corner. Both men trade punches. Angle with a suplex. Backstage, the fight between the Alliance and the WWF is continuing. Angle with a wastelock suplex for a two count. Angle slam on Booker followed up by the ankle lock. Austin runs into the ring and Angle is waiting. Angle knocks Austin into the referee. Booker gives Angle the axe kick. Charles Robinson runs in as the replacement referee and counts two. Angle knocks out Robinson. Austin gives Angle the stunner. Shane throws Hebner back in and Booker gets the easy pin. Angle chases Austin to the back.
Winner and New WCW Champion: Booker T

7/29/01 WWF House Show Courtesy of

Kurt & Kane def. Booker T & Rhyno
This match was the best of the night. There was alot of action and the crowd
was really into it. Angle performed very well and so did Rhyno. Kane got
gored, Angle got scissor kicked, Rhyno got chokeslammed, and Booker got
Olympic Slammed by Kurt Angle for the pinfall.

7/28/01 WWF House Show Courtesy of

Booker T v. Kurt Angle for the WCW Championship.
Angle locks on the ankle lock, but Kanyon and Lance Storm run in and hit Angle with the WCW belt. Booker T tried to capitalize, but ran right into the Olympic Slam.

Winner: Kurt Angle

7/26/01 Smackdown Courtesy of

WCW Championship Match
Kurt Angle vs. Booker T
Grapple. Kurt with right hands to the face. Kurt ducks a clothesline and hits more right hands. Kurt with a big back body drop. Kurt with a clothesline. Kurt with a flap jack and locks in the ankle lock. Booker T gets out of the ring and Kurt goes after him. Kurt slams Booker T on the announce table. Kurt with right hands. Kurt slams Booker T on the announce table again. Kurt throws him back in. Kurt with a German suplex. Kurt goes up top for a moonsault. Booker T rolls out of the way. Cover by Booker T. 2 count. Booker T with a short arm clothesline. Booker T throws Kurt out of the ring. Booker T goes to the outside. Booker T with a chop. Booker T with another chop. Booker T throws Kurt over the barricade. Booker jumps over the barricade. Booker T with a right hand and kick. Kurt back drops Booker T back over the barricade. Kurt gets back inside the barricade. Booker T throws Kurt into the steps. Booker T slams Kurt's face into the steps. Booker T throws him back in. Booker T with a snap mare take over. Booker drops a knee to the sternum. Cover. 2 count. Booker T with a reverse chin lock. Kurt getting up. Kurt with elbows to the gut. Kurt with right hands. Booker T with a spine buster. Cover. 2 count. Booker T argues with Hebner. Kurt ducks a clothesline. Kurt with a flying forearm. Kurt with a clothesline. Kurt with a belly to belly. Cover. 2 count. Kurt sits Booker T on the top. Kurt with right hands. Kurt goes to the middle rope for a superplex. Kurt hits a superplex. Kanyon and the Dudleyz run to the ring. The locker room empties out on the outside of the ring and a brawl erupts between the WWF and the alliance. Kurt covers Booker T, but Hebner is trying to restore order outside. Kanyon hits Kurt in the back with a chair. Hebner gets back in the ring and counts. The locker room battles out of the arena. Booker T with a cover. 2 count. Booker T with a chop. The two exchange right hands. Kurt comes back with right hands. Harlem side kick by Booker T. Cover. 2 count. Booker T gets Kurt back up and delivers chops to the chest. Kurt throws Booker T into the corner and hits him with right hands. Kurt ducks a Harlem Side Kick. Hebner gets hit with the kick. Booker T misses the axe kick. Kurt with an Olympic Slam. Kurt locks the ankle lock on Booker T. Austin runs to the ring. Austin stuns Kurt. Booker T with a spinaroony. Booker T goes after Kurt. Kurt locks the ankle lock on Booker T. Booker T taps and we have a new WCW champion.

Winner and new WCW champion: Kurt Angle

7/23/01 Raw Courtesy of

6-man Tag Team elimination Table match
Dudley Boyz & Booker T vs Edge, Christian & Kurt Angle

Kurt attacks Devon from behind and begins to stomp on him. He sends him into the turnbuckle. Elbow shot by Kurt, Christian gets the tag. Christian takes down Devon and kicks him in the back. Edge gets the tag and they double team Devon. Edge was on the apron and Bubba nails him with a kick. Bubba works on Edge on the outside. Devon makes the tag to Booker T. Booker kicks Edge and makes the tag to Bubba and they double team him. Bubba chokes Edge on the ropes and takes him down. Elbow drop by Bubba. Devon gets the tag and the Dudleyz double team Edge. Devon makes the tag back to Bubba. Bubba goes on the top rope and jumps, but Edge gets out of the way. Edge makes the tag to Christian. Christian knocks down Bubba and Devon. Neck breaker on Devon. All six men started fighting at the same time. Edge gets a table and Bubba sends him to the outside and the Dudleyz do the 3D on Christian through the table. Christian is eliminated. Edge does a double clothesline on the Dudleyz. Booker T gets the tag and beats on Edge. Bubba gets a table and places it in the ring. Kurt goes to the outside and goes after Bubba. Edge spears Devon. Booker T sends Edge through the table. Edge is eliminated, it's not three on one. Kurt tries to fight back, but they stomp him down. Booker T works on Kurt Angle, then makes the tag to Bubba. The Dudleyz do the wazzuuup drop. The Dudleyz get a table and they toss it in the ring. Booker T places the table and attempts to suplex Kurt, but Kurt fought back. Kurt beats on Bubba and Devon on the outside. Kurt threw Devon on a table, but the table did not break. Angle went after Devon and did a over head suplex through the table. Devon is eliminated. Kurt gets in the ring and Booker delivers a kick in the back to the head. Kurt does a suplex on Booker T and throws Bubba to the outside. Kurt throws Booker T on a table placed in the corner and it breaks. Booker T is eliminated. Low blow by Bubba on Kurt. The referee was accidently knocked down. wCw referee, Nick Patrick comes out to officiate. Bubba throws a table in the ring while Kurt Angle was down. He places the table and Kurt sneaks up and was about to do the Angle slam through the table but Nick Patrick moves the table. Kurt beats on Nick Patrick and puts the ankle lock on him on the announcing table. Steve Austin comes out and beats on Angle and stuns him in the ring, which allowed Bubba to easily powerbomb Kurt through the table. Kane and a couple of WWF guys came out and Austin runs away.

Winners: Dudley Boyz & Booker T

7/22/01 Invasion Courtesy of

Inaugural Brawl
Team WCWECW (Booker T, Dallas Page, Dudley Boys & Rhyno) d. Team WWF (Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Kane & Chris Jericho)
Before the introductions of the competitors, Paul Heyman, Shane, Stephanie, and Vince McMahon came to the ring. After DDP was introduced, Undertaker went right after him. The brawl began, with everyone into it on the outside. Steve Austin's music hit and he ran out, taking out everyone in his path. Team WWF held the firm advantage on the floor as both referees (a WWF and WCW ref) tried to gain control.

Austin and Rhyno went toe-to-toe. Austin hit a knee to Rhyno's midsection followed by a Thez press. Austin pounded the absolute hell out of Rhyno on the top rope with a superplex. Jericho tagged and hit knife-edge chops. Rhyno finally countered with a clothesline and tagged out to Booker T. Team WCWECW held Jericho in their corner for Booker to kick away at. Booker missed a side kick, allowing Jericho to bounce off the ropes with a bulldog. Rhyno ran in and caught a springboard dropkick. Jericho propelled off the middle rope with a missile dropkick. Angle tagged in and punched out Booker. The fan reaction for Angle was incredible. Booker sent Angle into the ropes and hit a spin kick.

D-Von entered and caught Angle with a flying shoulder tackle. Angle tagged to Kane, who sidewalk slammed D-Von. Page broke up a pinfall attempt. Kane went for a chokeslam but Buh Buh Ray broke it up. The Dudleys hit a modified version of the 3D on Kane, but couldn't capitalize. Up top, Kane knocked Buh Buh Ray to the mat with a clothesline. Undertaker became legal and went after Page. He legdropped Buh Buh and got a two count. 'Taker went old school on Buh Buh. UT cleaned Team WCWECW off the apron except for Page, who clobbered 'Taker, allowing Buh Buh to attack. Rhyno ran in and stomped at UT's midsection. Page tagged and laid in his beating.

Booker T went for a pin on a beaten 'Taker but couldn't get it. JR made fun of Booker's "spinaroonie." Austin tagged and poked Booker in the eye. Austin went for a stunner but Booker fell to the floor. Austin threw Booker into the crowd and suplexed him over the safety barrier. Jericho tagged and went for the Walls of Jericho. Page ran in and the move was broken. Jericho missed a lionsault and was hung out to dry over the top rope by Booker. Finally, Booker tagged out to D-Von, who laid in punches on Jericho's head. Team WCWECW took firm control until Jericho worked out of a Dudley double-team.

Angle tagged in and beat the Dudleys into each other. Buh Buh hit a sit down powerbomb on Angle, and D-Von followed with a leg drop. Undertaker saved his team from a loss. Team WCWECW took over for a long run, using quick tags and isolating Angle in their corner. Booker hit an axe kick and followed it with the spinaroonie. Page powerbombed Angle and Austin saved the match. Dudleys hit the low blow headbutt on Angle. Finally, Angle tagged Austin, but the referee didn't see it. While the ref argued with Austin and Team WWF, the WCW/ECW guys beat on Angle even more.

Finally, Undertaker had enough. He went after Page. Eventually, everyone jumped in and all hell broke loose. Rhyno gored Booker T by mistake. Undertaker chokeslammed Page. The WCW referee got in Undertaker's face, so 'Taker gave him the Last Ride! Poor Charles Robinson! The WWF referee rolled Robinson out of the ring.

'Taker and Page went into the crowd and continued their brawl. Kane ripped apart an announce table while a medic looked at Austin's knee. The Dudleys double-teamed Kane. Austin looked hurt. Dudleys sent Kane into the ringsteps and got a table. Austin was still down, this time with his knee brace loosened while a medic felt of his knee. Kane chokslammed D-Von through an announce table. Rhyno took Kane down. Buh Buh Ray and Rhyno double suplexed Kane through the other announce table.

Jericho launched off the ring apron and put Rhyno through a table! Now, everyone was down and out. The legal men still were Kurt Angle and Dallas Page. Angle was down outside the ring, but Page was nowhere to be found.

Booker T and Buh Buh showed signs of life and attacked Angle. Angle battled back with vengeance, hitting Olympic Slams on everyone. He put Booker in the ankle lock, and the referee took a bump. Everyone down again.

Vince got the WWF title belt from the timekeeper and slipped it to Angle! Shane got it before Angle could get to it and hammered Vince. Angle got up and busted Shane over the top rope. Angle slam on Booker! Angle lock on Booker, and he tapped out. Austin threw the referee into the ring. Austin attacked Angle and gave him the stunner. Austin put Booker T on top of Angle. 1-2-3. Austin turns WCW.

After the match, Austin celebrated with Paul Heyman, Stephanie and Shane McMahon. Everyone had beers.

7/19/01 Smackdown Courtesy of

Angle & Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Booker T w/Shane & RHYNO w/ Steph & Paul
As soon as Angle enters, Rhyno gores the hell out of him. Here comes the Rattlesnake to a huge pop. AUSTIN CLEANS HOUSE big time. Austin lands a Stunner on Booker T and Rhyno. DDP appears on the Ovaltron, and he has Debra locked into a trunk. The Undertaker tries to make the save. Here comes everyone now, and it's a huge brawl. DDP escapes, and Austin follows in a limo.
No Contest

7/17/01 Raw Courtesy of

WCW World Title
Booker T w/ Shane McMahon vs Chris Jericho

Booker T goes for a kick, but Jericho moves out of the way. They lock up, then Booker puts Jericho in a head lock, Jericho twists Booker T's arm. Then Jericho takes down Booker T. Spring board drop kick by Jericho and sends Booker T to the outside. Baseball slide by Jericho. Jericho delivers a chop to the chest and sends Booker into the steps. Jericho tosses him back in the ring and does a cross body, 1,2 but Booker T kicks out. Spinning kick by Booker T. Booker T delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Jericho. Jericho puts him in the corner and hits him. Jericho takes him down and was going for the Walls of Jericho, but Shane was up on the apron and Jericho went to hit him but missed. Booker T nailed Jericho with a kick. Booker T does a modified powerbomb on Jericho and covers, 1,2 but Jericho kicks out. Booker puts a sleeper hold on Jericho. Jericho fights his was back up. Jericho picks up Booker T and lets him go and Booker T lands face first to the mat. Both men get up and exchange fists. Elbow hits by Jericho. Jericho delivers a few chops, then goes on the top rope and does a mistle drop kick, 1,2 but Booker T kicks out, then he covers again and referee Nick Patrick couldn't count because of his shoulder. Jericho does the bulldog. Booker tried to go for an axe kick, but Jericho moves and Jericho does the walls of Jericho and Booker T taps out, but the referee turned his back. Earl Hebner comes out and nails Nick Patrick and Booker T was tapping and Earl was about to signal for the bell, but Shane clotheslines Earl and Booker T rolls up Jericho and Nick Patrick does a fast three count.

Winner: Still wCw champion, Booker T

7/15/01 WWF House Show Courtesy of

Booker T d. Kurt Angle with a chair to the back. After the match Earl Hebner
and Nick Patrick went at it for a few minutes.

7/14/01 WWF House Show Courtesy of

(Webmistress's Note: The report didn't give much details, if i find a more detailed one i'll replace this one.)

Booker T d. Kurt Angle

7/13/01 HWA Grand Victoria Show Courtesy of

Legenday "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton v. WCW Heavyweight and United States
Champion Booker T.

I have been looking forward to this match for a long time. I love to watch
Booker T wrestle and I remember Bobby Eaton as well. Stacy is again rooting
against the man with the mullet (obiously that's Bobby). I have to say,
though, that I was sadly disappointed in this matchup. Bobby wasted a lot
of time at the start of the match. When the belts were taken away, he
refused to wrestle until they were placed at ringside. Then when he was
thrown out of the ring onto the belts, he refused to wrestle until the belts
were taken away. Now fifteen years ago, that was a great way to start a
match. Not today. Booker T (and all of the fans) were getting noticably
irritated at the stall. ONce the match got underway, Bobby began to work
Booker's knee (with about the weekest knee hold I have ever seen). I can
understand WCW/WWF not wanting to risk one of their most prominent
wrestlers, and taking it a little easy so he won't get hurt, but come on.
Booker T gets the easy win on this one. I am not impressed, and niether was
anyone else I talked to. I hope that next time the MAIN EVENT is actually
as good as the matches before it.
WINNER: BOOKER T via Pinfall

7/9/01 Raw Courtesy of

WCW World Title
Kurt Angle vs Booker T

The match starts with Booker T hammering on Kurt Angle in the corner. Elbow hit by Kurt. Kurt sends Booker T to the outside. Shane McMahon nails Kurt from behind. Booker T sends Kurt in the ring and he goes on the top rope and delivers a mistle drop kick and covers, 1,2 but kick out by Kurt. Mid air collision by both men. Booker T gets up and throws Kurt to the outside. Booker picks up Kurt and drops him on the security rail, then sends him into the ring steps. Booker T sends him back in the ring. Kurt throws Booker T into the turnbuckle and delivers a suplex. Booker T delivers a spinning kick on Kurt and covers, 1,2 but Kurt kicks out. Booker T tried to suplex Kurt, but Kurt reverses it and suplexes him. Belly to Belly over head suplex by Kurt. Angle tried to go for the Angle Slam, but Booker T knocks him down with an axe kick. Booker T gets up and Kurt clotheslines him. Both men exchange fists, then Booker T delivers a spine buster. Somehow, Kurt manages to put the ankle lock on him and referee Nick Patrick just turns away and takes a walk. Booker T pushes him on the referee. Angle does the Angle slam and covers, referee Earl Hebner comes out and counts, 1,2 but Nick Patrick pulls him off on the count of two. Earl spears WCW referee, Nick Patrick and they get into a brawl outside. Shane hands Booker T the WCW title and Booker T knocks Kurt with it and covers, then another WCW referee comes and and counts to three.

Winner: Still WCW World champion, Booker T

7/8/01 WWF House Show Courtesy of

Booker T vs Lance Storm
Booker wins with a sunset flip from the second rope. After the match Kurt Angle runs in and olympic slams Booker.

7/7/01 WWF House Show Courtesy of

WCW Championship
Booker T defeated Lance Storm to retain the title
*Note: after the match, Kurt Angle came out & delivered the Olympic Slam to Booker T*

7/5/01 Smackdown Courtesy of

WCW World Championship
Diamond Dallas Page vs Booker T
It's me, it's me. It's that D - O - Double G. Whoops. I mean D - D - P. Hudson and Anderson are at the announce table. Nick Patrick is the referee. DDP attacks Booker before he can get through the ropes. Booker slams DDP into the security wall. Clothesline by Booker. DDP drops Booker across the turnbuckles. Short arm clothesline by DDP. DDP throws Booker out of the ring. Booker sends DDP into the crowd and follows. DDP clotheslines Booker back over the rail. Back in the ring DDP hits a top rope clothesline for a two count. DDP sits on Booker's back. DDP with a corner splash. Both men trade rollups. Clothesline by DDP for a two count. DDP with an elbow to the groin. Powerbomb by DDP for a two count. DDP misses a corner splash. Clothesline by Booker. Flying forearm by Booker. Axe kick by Booker. Booker kicks DDP out of the ring. DDP throws Booker into the ring steps. DDP brings a chair in the ring and pushes Patrick down. DDP ddt's Booker on the chair for a two count. Undertaker runs down to the ring. Booker rolls up a distracted DDP for the pin. Undertaker chases DDP away. Angle runs in only to receive an axe kick from Booker. Booker hits Angle in the head with the WCW title.

Winner: Booker T

7/2/01 Raw Courtesy of

WCW World Title
Buff Bagwell vs Booker T

The match starts with Buff hammering on Booker T, but Booker fights back. Buff kicks Booker in the mid section, followed by a DDT. Booker delivers a boot to the face followed by a spinning kick. Buff gets up and does a swinging neck breaker. Buff takes a few shots at Booker T in the corner. Suplex by Buff and covers, 1,2 but Booker T kicks out. Buff applies a sleeper hold. Booker t fights his way back up, but Buff kicks him and puts him in the corner, then Booker T delivers a few punches and knocks Bagwell down. Booker kicks Bagwell and delivers a couple of clotheslines. Axe kick by Booker T. Steve Austin and Kurt Angle come down and they beat up on Booker T. Bagwell helps them. Austin sends Booker T into the steel steps. All three men beat on him all the way back to the entrance ramp.

Winner: By DQ, Booker T...or you can say no contest..there wasn't an official word on the winner.

7/1/01 WWF House Show Courtesy of

Booker T defeated Buff Bagwell via Harlem Side Kick to retain the WCW Heavyweight Title. Both men got good pops. Buff established his heeldom early to pretty good results. Biggest thing I can say about this match is that Buff still has quite a bit of ring rust.

Winner: Booker T.