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Howard Stern 1/17/02

Booker T was on The Howard Stern Radio Show this morning in New York, here is my recap:

Early in the show they did a recap of 'Stuttering' John Melendez interviewing Booker T at an autograph session last week that lead to Booker being invited into the studio this morning. Click Here to read that.

Before they brought Booker into the studio Gary Dell'Abate (the producer) visited him in the green room to see if he needed anything and Booker said he wanted some coffee and to get this thing over with. Once again they recaped Stuttering John's interview. Howard says this is going to be uncomfortable and they should chain him up like King Kong. They were really a little scared he might attack them on the show and suggested Robin Quivers sit next to him because she's also black. So she came out of her booth and sat on the couch and he sat in there.

As he enters the studio they all moan, Howard says he scrares the hell out of him and looks ten times bigger in person. Howard says the WWF did him wrong by making him go on The Weakest Link, Booker says he donated the money he got paid to a charity. Booker begins to complain about Stuttering John's (he called him Stuttering Bob) interview and he was tired after a long day. John was the only person to ask him stupid questions about the show and didn't think it was funny.

Booker wanted to go on The Weakest Link and Vince didn't make him. Booker complains about Howard being scared of him and that it's because he's black. Howard says he's scared of all wrestlers. Howard brings up Booker calling Howards show sexist and says that the WWF is just as bad. Booker says Howard is not a pimp and these women are coming on degrating themselves. Booker felt attacked in his interview with John and felt he had to attack back. John then asks him how many sides are on a pentagon, after Howard yells at him John says he's sorry and Booker accepts, then John asks another stupid question and asks him to spell "WWF".

Howard asks who Booker is dating, Booker says Sharmell Sullivan (formerly Paisley). Howard asks if she's built like Chyna, Booker says she works out, but not that much. Booker talks about growing up in the ghetto in South Park Houston, Texas and invites John to go down there. He talks about getting caught up in crime, they ask him what he did. He said that will come out in a book, he has been to jail though. They asked if it was jail or prison, he said it would be in the book. Booker credits his brother Stevie Ray for turning his life around and without him he wouldn't be here today.

They asked when the book was coming out and he said he's focasing on his carrer right now. John asks him about lawsuits that Booker has against him and he says he hit some fan that climbed over the barrier at a WWF event. No dollar figure on that yet. Another person is suing him for the rights to the name "Spin-a-roonie". Booker says he invented it, but didn't trademark it. Booker still lives in Houston, Howard asks if he's close to his mother, Booker says she died when he was 14. They ask about Stevie Ray, Booker says he's semi-retired. After Booker retires he wants to be a motivational speaker and help kids.

They ask how bad he's hurt people out of the ring, he's put some people in the hospital. Howard asks what it's like to punch someone out, Booker said he didn't like it. Robin asks what his first crime was and he said it will be in the book. Howard says he has much respect for Booker and he should kick John's ass. Booker said they still have a few spots open in the Royal Rumble. John said if Booker hit him he would hit Booker back. The rest of the guys said they would play dead after the first punch and hope Booker would leave. Booker said if John didn't punch him back he would lose respect for him and start kicking him.

Howard calls Booker an mans man and would like to shake his hand. He thanks him for coming in today and says he will be in the Royal Rumble this Sunday. They take one call, the caller says Booker is great with kids and signs a lot of autographs. Booker T says he is a millionare and has a boat. Howard says he's going to bet money on Booker this Sunday and thanks him for coming in today. It seemed by the end of the show that Booker T was having a good time.