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Howard Stern 1/8/02

This morning on the Howard Stern radio show they played a clip of 'Stuttering' John Melendez interviewing Booker T yesterday at an autograph session. Here is my recap:

Howard first mentions Booker on The Weakest Link and play clips of him answering questions wrong and they goof on him and said he never should have been on on that show.

John: How you doing? Stuttering John, nice to mean you.
Booker T: Why aren't you stuttering man?
John: Not yet, but maybe I will be in a little while. This is for WXRK Radio, E! Entertainment Television. How are you man?
Booker T: Good man, good.
John: Just a few questions. Do you think The Weakest Link was a hard show?
Booker T: Acctualy is was harder than people think it is you know cause your under pressure ummmm... you gotta to think on your
feet and ummmm... it's just... it's ummmm... you gotta be in your element, so ah it's a pretty hard show.
John: Yeah I know you didn't have like the greatest time on the show. But lets prove that that's just a fluke right?
Booker T: Oh yeah that's a fluke.
John: What state has the abriviation NY?
Booker T: New York
John: What company did Bill Gates create?
Booker T: I really don't know that.
John: Microsoft. What state is Hillary Clinton a senator of?
Booker T: Arkansas (Wrong)
John: Very good. What state do the New Orleans...
Booker T: Wait, wait, wait... (Booker rips up John's questions and starts getting pissed off)
John: C'mon!
Booker T: I'm getting the hell outta here because I'm not her to answer all these stupid questions.
John: This is like The Weakest Link.
Booker T: This is not The Weakest Link.
John: Booker aren't you a Howard Stern fan?
Booker T: No I'm not a fan. Because he degrades women. That's something I'm not into (Howard and Robin bring up the bra and panties matches the WWF has)
John: We love women.
Booker T: I don't think so, your degrating women. (Howard says so is Vince) I hope you don't cut this part of the show out, I want this in the show, Howard Stern is into degrating women and The Book #1 best seller is not into. (Howard gets confused and thinks he's talking about his #1 best selling books, Gary Dell'Abate corrects him. They goof on him saying he probably never read a book)
John: What about Robin?
Booker T: Robin who?
John: Robin Quivers, she's on the show.
Booker T: The female? Yes, she has to make a living also.
John: I didn't realize you wern't a fan because we really support the WWF.
Booker T: You may support the WWF, but I don't support Howard Stern.
John: Do you want me to ask you anymore of these questions?
Booker T: Not anymore of those stupid questions.
John: How many sides to an octagon?
Booker T: (Didn't answer and stared John down for eight seconds)
John: You don't like me that much do ya?
Booker T: I don't like you at all.
John: Your gonna kick my ass right?
Booker T: I'm getting close to kicking your ass.
John: Are you married?
Booker T: No.
John: Are you dating a celebrity?
Booker T: Perhaps.
John: Your not gonna hit me or anything are ya?
Booker T: No, I already have enough lawsuits going already.
John: What celebrity are you dating?
Booker T: She's not in the mainstream.
John: Did you ever pass gas in the ring?
Booker T: Perhaps, maybe.
John: Do you ever fart in the bathtub?
Booker T: Probably when I was a kid. I didn't come here for a spelling bee, I didn't come here to play games, I came her to sign autographs for my fans. My fans and a company that I support.
John: Do you make a lotta money over there?
Booker T: I make a whole lotta money, I just signed a big fat contract.
John: How much do you make a year?
Booker T: That's obsolite. (they goof on that, saying he probably ment irrelevent)
John: What do you think of this Chyna? Do you think she has a penis?
Booker T: Perhaps, I don't know. I've never been down that level if you know what I mean.
John: Whould you give her the high hard one or do you think she's kinda manly?
Booker T: She's on the hard side, but to each his own.
John: When you fart in front of company do you blame the family dog?
Booker T: I never do that.
John: One last question, what does www (world wide web) stand for?
Booker T: I'm not computer litterate.
John: Alright Book, I'm sorry you didn't like us, do you still you hate Howard?
Booker T: I don't hate anyone.
John: Do you still dislike Howard?
Booker T: I dislike what he represents, that's it, I don't know him personally, he may be a good guy.
John: Would you ever do the show?
Booker T: Perhaps.
John: Cause we just had Triple H on today.
Booker T: Perhaps I would come on the show, I would love to come on the show.
John: Thanks a lot Booker, sorry we upset ya. We ask this to celebritys and it wasn't ment to be disrespectful.

They goofed on him after the interview, but really want him to be a guest on the show sometime.