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Go With The Flow 11/1/01

Reported by Dustin Hockstra on November 01, 2001

Booker T appeared on MuchMusic in Canada on a show called "Go With The Flow" which appears aimed at a largely teen audience. Highlights included:

Booker variably switching between kayfabe and his regular character. It seemed odd, but he was having a good time evidently.

The Book indicating that he has a new strategy for looking at his hand (adds the left hand and one finger) for how he will introduce the "Spinerooni." Very funny.

Booker makes fun of Rock (sadly Kayfabe) and his video with Wyclef Jean.

The Book indicates that his history in the business was sort of happenstance in that he was wrestling part time on weekends and "not making much money" when a guy asked him if he wanted to work for a national promotion. He said, "Okay, I ain't doin' nothin'".

Booker notes he is the youngest of 8 children and recounts his family history a bit and how his mother worked nights to take care of the family.

Booker discusses that his greatest matches were with "The Canadian Crippler" in the well regarded "Best of 7" series in WCW.

Discussed how he is 5 time WCW champ, 10 time WCW tag champ, 7 time TV title holder, 1 time WWF tag champ etc.

Booker discusses how physical the business is and how he's on the road 200 nights a year etc.

The Book makes fun of the hosts and indicates that they could form a tag team called "Sugar and Spice" with a finisher called the jelly doughnut or something like that. Very funny.

The Book shills for VKM related to WrestleMania tickets.

Overall pretty good and Booker T appeared in good spirits answering some questions from the audience members. He did the hand thing a lot. Is apparently appearing on "Electric Circus" tomorrow which is a weekly dance show.