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WWF Excess Report with Booker T

Saturday, September 8, 2001
Hosts: The Coach and Trish Stratus
Guest: Booker T
Report by: Kevin Gregg

WWF Excess:
Booker T was shown in a room with a Rock photo on the wall and he gave it a dirty look. Booker T will be tonight's special guest on WWF Excess.

The Undertaker joins the show...
The Undertaker joins the show from Dallas, Texas. The Undertaker said that he and the APA just rocked the house against the Dudley Boyz and Test. They blew the roof off of the new arena. The Coach asked the Undertaker for his thoughts on the return of Steven Richards, going after the Undertaker. The Undertaker said that Steven is a real joker. He holds the Undertaker responsible for the whole end of the Right to Censor. If he's bitter about that, he's gotta get in a long line. If he wants to make a statement, he can bring his little pretty boys. If they want to get tested and see who runs the yard, then step into the yard one more time. The Undertaker is kind of pumped for the whole Kronik situation, because all he asks for is a good fight. He isn't sweating these two jokers. Trish asked the Undertaker how Kane is doing, and the Undertaker said that he's getting better every day. He had a staph infection from the match they had at Summer Slam.

His elbow was three times it's original size. They don't want to rush his return. If they rush it and his infection gets worse, he'll be out even longer. Trish asked the Undertaker how he's done it so good for so long. (Decade of Destruction) The Undertaker said that he was privileged to come across every big name in this industry. Every time he put one down, it made him even stronger. He lives by his own rules and he does what he wants to do. He deals with people in a means where the words Decade of Destruction become very obvious and clear. The Undertaker really believes that the ring is his yard. All he wants is for people to fight him. It's obvious that he's not going to get the title shot, but that's fine. The Coach asked the Undertaker what his biggest challenge has been, being around for so long. The Undertaker said that it recently came in the last couple of years and that's staying healthy. That being because one of his strongest attributes is also probably one of his weaknesses.

He believes that he can take more punishment than anybody can give out. He's a pain freak. He thrives on it. It's like adrenaline to him. After a decade, he's taken a lot of abuse. He had a stretch there when it started taking it's toll. Fortunately, he's refocused himself and made changes in his training and the way he prepares for his matches. Who's to say how long this will go. Maybe it'll be decades of destruction. Trish asked the Undertaker his thoughts on Wrestlemania in Toronto. The Undertaker said that he remembers the Wrestlemania shortly before his debut, and that was at the Skydome. He remembers the energy that came out of that Toronto crowd and he's always wanted to be a part of that. Toronto is a historic place in Wrestlemania history and he feels fortunate to be around for the second go around. Toronto is pretty excited about getting Wrestlemania again. The Undertaker is looking forward to it. He's undefeated at Wrestlemania.

This past Wrestlemania, he discovered that he's got a lot of life left in wrestling. He wrestled against the all around best WWF Superstar and that's Triple H, and it was in the Undertaker's home town. He had the honor of beating Triple H. If they get another go around at it with Triple H, or maybe somebody in the booking committee may see fit that the Undertaker gets a title shot. He doesn't put his hopes up too high on that, but maybe The Rock will give him a shot at one of the titles. Wrestlemania is a time to turn it up and get it up. The Undertaker can't wait. It's going to be exciting.

Spike Dudley was shown walking through the backstage area in Stamford, and he'll be on Excess!

Spike Dudley joins the show...
Spike Dudley joins the show in the studio and he came out to the music of the Dudley Boyz. Isn't it time to change his theme?! Spike was dressed up in somewhat of a suit and The Coach asked Spike Dudley about his love life. They go back to that RAW when Spike Dudley told Molly Holly for the first time that he loves her. The Coach asked Spike Dudley what it was that Molly had for him? Trish said to have an imagination! Spike said that this is why The Coach has no game. He isn't going to discuss this on TV. The sooner The Coach learns this, the sooner he will have game. They go to a caller for Spike Dudley and the caller asks Spike when he's going to get a belt in the WWF? It's time for him to get some respect. Spike said that he'll take any title shot that he gets, but he's happy to be wrestling in the WWF at his job. He'll worry about the Gold when the time comes.

The Coach mentioned the break up with the Dudleys and Spike said it's rough. Not only do you lose the guys that are watching your back, but you have the guys that know you the best as your enemy. It's a rough situation. Suddenly you're on your own and the world is full of sharks. They go to line 1, and the caller asked if there are any plans in the near future for Spike to pop the big question to Molly. Spike said that he's going to take it one day at a time, and he's a gentlemen. He's not going to discuss what goes on between he and Molly on Television. Trish said speaking of Molly, she's a tremendous athlete. They are partners in more than one thing. How is it working with her? Spike said that it's a lot of fun and The Coach started looking at photos of Molly Holly in a magazine. Spike told The Coach to stop dissing his woman. Spike said that doing the mixed tags are a blast. It's exciting and they get to do things that the fans haven't seen before.

Booker T was shown in the backstage area getting prepared to come on the show later tonight.

Interview with Spike Dudley; continued:
They took a look at the footage of Edge and Christian breaking up and Spike said that it's a painful place to be, not having your brother(s) there to back you up. The Coach mentioned that their mother was in Toronto, and what could have been going through her mind? The Coach said that this wasn't Edge's fault. He did nothing to Christian. Now, at Unforgiven, it's going to be Edge vs. Christian for the Intercontinental Title. The Coach feels that the Intercontinental Title is almost secondary, because it's brother vs. brother. They go to a caller, and the caller asked Spike how he feels about what's going on between Edge and Christian. Spike said that it's hard. There's old time heat there from when they were kids. Christian is feeling a little bit of jealousy and he's taking some major cheap shots at Edge. Spike feels that Edge is going to come out on top with this one, but it's hard when it's brother vs. brother.

The Coach said that they have to go to a break, but when they come back, they'll have a special guest for Spike Dudley! After the break, Josh from WWF Tough Enough joined the show. Tough Enough was pre-empted this past Thursday night, but it will return on Thursday. One week from Thursday will be the one hour special. The Coach asked Josh what he thinks his chances are and Josh says that about 33%. They laugh and Josh said that he thinks that he has a pretty good shot at this. It's pretty even between the three guys that are left. Josh had his nails painted and The Coach asked him if he's trying to be like Jeff Hardy. The Coach then said that Josh and Spike Dudley are about the same size. What does Josh have to do to get into the WWF? Spike said that you have to suck it up and work hard. You have to accept the fact that everybody you are going against is like 100 pounds bigger than you are. If you like going against the odds like that, then you're going to do it.

They talk about Josh's girlfriend, and if Josh wins, he may have some issues with her over this. They showed the clips from a couple of weeks ago on WWF Tough Enough when Josh and his girlfriend got in an argument over Tough Enough. The Coach asked what the story is now, and Josh said that as of today, they are still talking. Not as much as they were. They decided to put things off while this is still going on. The Coach said that that's probably the smart thing to do. They go to a caller and the caller asked what Josh and Spike Dudley think of Al Snow as a trainer. What has he meant to Josh during this whole Tough Enough experience? Josh said that he thinks that he's great. To be with him every day is unbelievable. It's been phenomenal. Spike said that Al was with them in ECW and he was one of the guys who would get in the ring with the young guys and spend hours before hand with them. He's a tremendous teacher. He knows and loves the business and he's great at giving back to the business.

They go to another caller and the caller asked Josh about his size. What are the handicaps that he has encountered so far? He's had to try harder to make it. Josh acted as if he didn't know he was little, and The Coach asked him if he has had to try harder than Chris or Maven. Josh said that he doesn't know that he's had to try harder, because he's always gone out there at 110%. Spike said that as a small guy in a land of giants, you have to be unique. You have to give it your all and bring something to the table that entertains and pops the crowd. It's tough to do that, but you can do it. The Coach plugged and they are casting for WWF Tough Enough 2!

Booker T joins the show...
The five time former WCW Champion, Booker T joined the show and The Coach welcomed him to the show. Booker T greeted Trish and he said that she is looking oh so bootylicious! The Coach said that since Booker T has been here, it seems like he's been on a good role. Talk about your relationship with Shane. Booker T said that they are good friends and he is the owner of the Alliance. That's as far as it goes. Booker T is here for one reason and one reason only. That's business. Trish went over an email, and it asked what sucka is. Booker T said that if he doesn't know, he must be one. Booker T called him a sucka and then they went to the phones. The caller asked who invented the Spinaroonie. Booker T or Fisher Price? Booker T said that he's not even going to comment on that, because this sucka obviously doesn't know what he's going to get himself into. He didn't say that. Tell Booker T that he didn't just say that. They go to another caller and the caller asked Booker why he considers himself to be more electrifying than The Rock.

Also, why does he do the spinaroonie, since it gives his opponent a chance to recover. Booker T said that the spinaroonie is the most electrifying move in sports entertainment. You can compare it to the people's elbow. Take a look at the two and you decide, chump! They go to yet another caller and the caller said that he can feel the electricity through the phone lines. The caller asked Booker T what his most memorable match was. Booker T said that he's had 10 tag team titles, 6 TV Titles and a former five time WCW Champion. He may not be the Champion now, but he's a former Champion. His most memorable matches would be the best of 7 with Chris Benoit. They showed some footage and it was of Booker T winning the WCW Championship from Jeff Jarrett on 7/9/00 at Bash at the Beach, using the Book End. The fans were on his side, and Booker T claimed that those very fans are still with him in the WWF. More footage was shown and it was of Booker T defeating Kevin Nash on 9/17/00 for the WCW Heavyweight Championship.

The Coach said that he liked the old hair cut, and Booker T said that he was a bald headed geek. It's a new era for the Booker Man. The Coach asked Booker T if he ever thought that he would be competing against guys like The Rock. Booker T said that in WCW, he beat all of the great Champions. When he first got in the ring, it felt like a place that he's always been, but never been. He knew the Booker Man would be on top of his game in the WWF as soon as he wanted to be. Can you dig that? The Coach said that they showed earlier on how Booker T and Shane tried to help Christian bring the WCW Title back to the Alliance. That didn't work on Monday, so on Thursday, Booker T and Shane booked a match against The Rock in a Handicap match. Trish asked why it's a handicap match? Booker T said that The Rock got himself into that situation. He wanted to be the WCW Champion. He wanted to walk around with the 30 pounds of Gold around his waist, so now he has to suffer the consequences. The Rock shouldn't have a problem with that. The Coach went back to WWF Smackdown! when The Rock responded to the match that was made.

The Coach was laughing and Booker T said that wasn't funny. That wasn't entertainment. That was the dating game. At Unforgiven, Booker T is going to show this guy what real entertainment is all about. They go to a quick caller, and the caller said that he can't even believe that The Rock can even sit there and make fun of the Booker Man and Shane o Mac like that. The caller told The Coach to look in the eyes of Booker T and the caller sounded like it was Shane McMahon. The Coach said that it sounds like Shane McMahon and the caller asked Booker T how The Rock could be dissing him like that. Booker T has to have payback in mind for him. Booker T said that he can smell what The Rock is cookin' and it stinks to high heaven. Booker T seemed to like the caller and The Coach insisted that it was Shane McMahon. The Coach said they were talking about The Rock earlier. He starred in the Mummy Returns this past year. Trish went over an email, and it asked what sort of movie jobs Booker T has been offered, if any.

Booker T said that the Booker Man, the number one best seller, The Book, right now, he's talking to his agent about Terminator 3 and Blade 2. Wesley Snipes didn't do too well in the first movie, so they called The Book. And American Beauty 2! They wanted him to play a big part in the movie. The phones are ringing off the hook. The Coach asked Booker T if he's jealous of The Rock. Booker T asked who? Why would he be jealous of The Rock. What has he ever done? The Coach said that he's done a lot, especially this week. The Rock was all over New York City this week. They showed clips of The Rock's busy schedule from this past week. Booker T was angry after the footage and he said that he's going to tear The Rock apart. Rip his face from limb to limb. Then, he won't be so pretty to the fans. Look in the eyes of the Book. At Unforgiven, not since the D-Day Invasion will you have seen such devastation released. The Book is going to take The Rock clean out of the game and it's going to be the biggest piece of stake he's ever had! The Coach asked Booker T what would happen if he didn't defeat The Rock. Booker T said that he never thinks negative like that.

No negative thoughts. He will walk in and walk out as the WCW Champion. He promises us that. The Coach said actually, The Rock will walk in as the Champion. Booker T complained about seeing The Rock all over the place since he arrived. He's sick of The Rock. He's going to take his pretty little face and shove it where the sun don't shine. When it's all over, when it's all said and done, Booker T will give the people the most electrifying move in sports entertainment. The spinaroonie. Trish asked Booker T to do the spinaroonie and he said that he'll give the people the most electrifying move in sports entertainment! Booker T then walked past the table and he said that he would give it to the fans now. He got ready to do it, but then he didn't do it. Booker T then left the show.

From the Vault:
This week's From the Vault match is from Wrestlemania 6 at the Skydome in Toronto. The Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan. The Intercontinental Champion against the WWF Champion.

Next week on Excess:
The Coach and Trish Stratus wrap up the show and next week's guest will be The Big Show, in the studio!