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Electric Circus 11/2/01

Earlier tonight, Booker T appeared on Electric Circus, a dance show on MuchMusic in Canada. Unfortunately, I only caught the last part of the appearance but here is what went down:

Nadine, the show's host, pointed out that professional wrestling is like a male soap opera. Booker agreed but he also pointed out that females liked wrestling too.

Then they plugged Wrestlemania in Toronto on March 17th, 2002.

Booker T was in character for the interview and took shots at The Rock. Nadine stated that she didn't like The Rock since her ex-boyfriend is a fan of The Rock.

They then took a call and the caller said how much he liked Booker T. I think it was some sort of contest because they told the caller that he had won tickets to Wrestlemania.

Booker T then did the spinarooni to the delight of the crowd.

The segment ended with Booker T introducing the next music video, Michael Jackson's "You Rock My World".