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Friday, June 29, 2001
Hosts: Kevin Kelly and Howard Finkel
Guests: Shane McMahon and Booker T

Three chairs, a long beep. The early start (3:54pm) of Byte This! on! Ah finally. The real start. Kevin Kelly started off the show by talking about Shane McMahon taking risks at the King of the Ring. Risking his own body to try to beat Kurt Angle in a street fight. Shane may have risked more the next night by bringing WCW into Madison Square Garden. An arena made famous by his grandfather, his great grandfather and of course his father, Vince McMahon as well. Shane McMahon will be tonight's guest on WWF Byte This!. They will be talking to Shane about the WCW Invasion. Also, what can we expect this Monday on RAW? Because this Monday night, we will see WCW matches take place on RAW. It's a history making time here. This is something that as fans, we dreamed about our entire lives. Welcome to Byte This!. Howard Finkel is going to be joining him in a few minutes, and they'll talk to Droz, Tazz and of course, Shane McMahon.

It was a tremendous week for the WWF. The King of the Ring, phenomenal. Congratulations to Edge, and best wishes to Chris Benoit who is currently recovering after a neck injury at the hands of Stone Cold. Kevin says that Chris Benoit will be on the shelf for approx. 6 months. First, we go to Droz for Droz's Two Cents, and you can read that every week on Kevin tells Droz that tonight's guest is going to be Shane, and what did Droz think about the street fight? Droz says that Shane needs to keep himself in the office. He thought Cactus retired. Every time Shane goes out there, Droz gets scared. He puts on an unbelievable show. Droz got very nervous, watching him, especially with the glass thing and how he bounced off of that with a suplex. It brought back a couple of bad memories for Droz, but it was unbelievable. Kevin says it's amazing how they talk about what Shane endured at the King of the Ring, but he may have risked even more the following night on RAW by beginning the invasion of WCW into WWF territory.

As a WWF superstar, we're seeing the locker room unite. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire were brutalized when they stuck their nose in a tag team table match on Smackdown!. What are Droz's thoughts on the unity with the WWF guys against the WCW guys? Droz says that as the Undertaker would say, you don't want anyone messing around in their yard. That's the WWF yard. The guys in the locker room set aside their differences to take out the WCW stars that have entered the WWF ring. It shows that the WWF isn't going to let them come in and do what they want. If they do, they are going to pay the ultimate price. Kevin says that Vince McMahon has done a lot to the WWF superstars, and is this a mind set that the WCW guys haven't paid their dues or is it a mind set of they don't want the competition and they don't want them around at all? Droz says that the WCW guys are coming into the WWF shows. They have been battling for years. To stick their noses where they don't belong and cause problems, the WWF guys aren't going to allow that.

It's not something that they will allow to happen, as we saw on Thursday night. Droz almost felt bad for them, but he didn't. What they went through is going to continue to happen. People are looking forward to the WCW wrestlers wrestling on the WWF cards. Kevin says there's going to be a lot of WCW stars in the locker room on Monday. What is the mind set of the WWF superstars going to be on Monday? Droz says that he doesn't think it's going to be that bad, because it's going to be WWF guys vs. WCW guys. They are coming into the WWF's house. There might be tension there, because these WCW guys are trying to take over the WWF. When it comes down to the pay per view when it's going to be WWF against WCW wrestlers, then they might run into a problem in the locker room. There's going to need to be a separation, and if there's not, it's going to be very interesting in the back. Kevin says that they look forward to reading Droz's Two Cents this week on!

Droz leaves the show and Howard Finkel joins Kevin Kelly by his side. Kevin asks Howard his thoughts about Shane the following night on RAW, leading WCW into Madison Square Garden. Does Howard agree with Shane, or does he side with Vince? Howard says that Kevin put him on the spot. He has to say that he thought that Shane knew exactly what he was doing. It was great to have the tremendous match on pay per view. He credits both Kurt and Shane for that. Then to see what Shane McMahon had up his sleeve on RAW. DDP is another story, but Shane McMahon brought Booker T right into the WWF. Booker T is the WCW Champion and is a tremendous athlete, but he's never paid his dues in a WWF ring. Does he deserve the opportunity to be in Madison Square Garden? Howard feels very strongly and passionately about the WWF, the McMahons and MSG, but he is also one that believes sometimes impact is very good. That was impact this past Monday night. It was out of left field.

Does he like it? He's still torn on it. He loves change, and he doesn't believe on standing on the ground without moving. Kevin Kelly says that the World Wrestling Federation felt so passionately about MSG that they basically worked very hard to try to prevent WCW from ever competing in Madison Square Garden. Howard agrees, to a point. He said last week that a lot of great things would happen, and that's the WWF and WCW combining or butting heads. It's never been done before. Did it hurt Howard to see WCW come into MSG? To a point, it did. He kind of agrees with Mr. McMahon. That's hallowed ground. By the same token, to have Booker T and Shane McMahon at that time, launch what now is known as an invasion, that kind of freaked Howard out to a point. He's really at a loss for words, because of his infinity in MSG. He got his start in MSG in 1977. Everything he has done in the ring from the perspective of ring announcing has been from the heart.

To see Shane and Booker T take the turf, so to speak, it bothered Howard, but he's up for change. Tazz joins the show for Tales from the Hook! Kevin says that he feels sorry for Darryl! Tazz says that Darryl is useless! Tazz mentions that he had his start at the Royal Rumble in 2000, and he forgets who he beat. Oh yea, it was Kurt Angle. Tazz laughs. Howard asks Tazz about this past Monday night when Shane McMahon entered Madison Square Garden with Booker T. Speaking as somebody who has been in this business for a long time and grew up in the WWWF homestead of New York City. Knowing what MSG probably meant to Tazz after all these years going to the Garden to see the events, as a fan. Tazz says that it was a little weird. WCW has always been a redneck promotion. It was really weird seeing WCW people and a WCW logo at Madison Square Garden. At the same time, it's 2001 and history in the making. Howard has seen it all, and now he's seen this.

Howard says that when he started ring announcing at MSG, they had the WWWF stuff back in the late 70s into the 80s. They took off in 1984, and there were times that Vincent J. McMahon would bring in someone out of the area. Pat Patterson or Terry Taylor or even Terry Funk. These people came in at the same time. It was a treat then. Who the hell is going to come in now, based on what Shane has started this past Monday? Tazz says that he's really excited about this Monday and on Smackdown!. RAW and Smackdown! will see WCW matches on World Wrestling Federation TV. It's history in the making and only the McMahons can put something together like this. Tazz is glad to be a part of it. Kevin talks about WWF Tough Enough and Tazz made a serious impact in the lives of those people. In weeks to come, we can expect more. After seeing them hurt each other and wrestle in mud, did Tazz feel any sympathy for them at all? Tazz says no! They didn't show all of the footage of it.

They got right out of bed, and they didn't even get to brush their teeth. Nothing. All they did was come downstairs, and they went to the pig farm and made them wrestle a bit at 7 in the morning. Kevin tells Tazz that they are going to take a quick break, and we look forward to recapping next week's Tough Enough. This week's Tough Enough did another fantastic rating, and we look forward to seeing Tazz on next week's Tough Enough. Howard says that his favorite part of Byte This! is Tales from the Hook. Next week is another edition of absolutely nothing and Tazz is ready! Byte This! goes to a quick break, and we take a look at how Stone Cold Steve Austin was attacked by Booker T last night on WWF Smackdown!. A number of WWF superstars chased Booker T out of the arena where he was met by Shane, and the two left together, quickly in a limo. Here comes the money! Shane McMahon's music plays in the Byte This! 'arena' in Stamford and he joins the show, Live in the studio.

Kevin welcomes Shane to the show, and it has to have been one of the most incredible weeks in his life. How is he feeling after the street fight? Shane says that he's still beat to crap, you know. Shane laughs, and he says that he's still cut up and sliced all over the place and extremely sore. He's feeling better that they made it through it. It was a big accomplishment and they went out there and battled it out. He hopes everyone enjoyed it. Kevin talks about risk vs. reward. He stole the show, and Shane didn't seem to think of it that way. Kevin asks Shane if he personally think that he and Kurt went too far? Shane says he doesn't know, because you do things that you don't know what's coming up. You get the feeling from the people. The crowd goes wild and you're in the heat of battle. You kind of have a runner's high. Every time you get hit, it takes the wind out of you, but you get that extra little 'all right, I'm in a battle. Whatever happens." Shane says they probably went too far, looking back at it.

There are a couple of things that were just a risk, period. What they do is like no one else. There are all the backyard things, and he doesn't want to be a downer on everyone, but don't ever do it at home. Leave that to the WWF. Without sounding too super goody two shoes message, that's the deal. Don't do it at home, because it's totally unnatural. Kevin talks about the risk, because it was a danger zone for Shane, but the next night, Shane lead the WCW Invasion into Madison Square Garden. How does it feel for Shane personally to be the first one to lead WCW into MSG. A place they had never been before. Shane says that he was torn a little bit. Going back to his grandfather's heritage, WCW has never entered MSG. There were other guys that used to come in and stuff like that. It was bittersweet for Shane. No disrespect for his grandfather. He would probably approve of it. It was history and things should change. It felt damn good. We go to this Monday on RAW, with the first time after Linda and Vince had a little compromise on Smackdown!, it's finally going to happen.

We are going to see WCW matches on RAW. It's incredible. Nobody can wait until this Monday. The one RAW that you just can't afford to miss. Shane says that it's going to continue. Who will be competing for WCW? Shane doesn't know yet. They have a few more days to figure everything out. It's uncharted waters again. It's weird. Obviously with the APA leading the charge, there's a whole locker room friction. Everyone is vying to be the best in wrestling. Howard says that competition is good for anybody, and Shane says as long as it's good competition. Howard says for a fan, it's a dream come true. Two major wrestling companies coming together and presenting. Things are happening. Howard gives Shane props for his match with Kurt Angle. Shane jokes, not knowing what props means. Howard says that when Shane was a kid, they used to have a trampoline at his house, and Howard and Shane would have a lot of fun. Shane is a huge risk taker. Although Howard was torn with what happened in the Garden, he still has to tell Shane that it was revolutionary.

Kevin says that they have a lot of people that want to talk to Shane, and the phone lines are filled and they got a lot of emails. Kevin goes over an email, and it asks Shane if there's a lot of pressure to pull off something amazing in a match. Shane says that it's a self driver. He always wants to have the best match possible. He always tries to pull something out, but it takes two to do it. This Monday, there are going to be WCW matches on RAW, and this weekend, there are going to be some WCW matches in Spokane! Shane McMahon tells the producer that they should do one of these for WCW, referring to a Byte This! style web-cast. They go to a caller, and the caller congratulates Shane on his match. Amazing stuff at the King of the Ring. The question is, who does Shane think is the future of wrestling? Shane says there's tons. He has to give it up to Kurt Angle, number one. He's a tremendous athlete. A thoroughbred. Edge and Christian are great as well.

Test and Albert have a lot of promise. The list goes on. You never know who the fans are going to like. There are guys in the developmental territories that no one has ever seen yet. A name like a Brock Lesnar. Will he be great or will he flop? That's up to the fans. There are guys all over. You never know. Howard shifts gears to WCW, because Shane is the owner of the company. Tell us about some of the superstars that are forthcoming in the Invasion. Shane says that they will not be talking about that as they have to keep that under wraps. Kevin says to talk about Booker T. He is the WCW Heavyweight Champion, and he's always been needing the opportunity to be in the WWF. He's the WCW Champion, and it seems that Stone Cold Steve Austin would like to get his hands on Booker T. Booker T got Austin's attention. Shane says they might call Booker T in a little while to get him on the show. They go to another caller, and the caller says that it seems like every pay per view, Shane has a really nice Jersey on. When can we buy them? Shane says that they are one of a kind.

Seth cut off the caller and Shane made him get on the show and apologize for that. Kevin made Seth do a push up for Amanda, the caller. Shane goes on with the answer, and he says that they are one of a kind Jerseys. He saves them for one day, for his unborn children. Male or female, or just for himself or some of the boys that are around. Maybe they will do a replica of them. We'll see. Kevin goes over an email, and it asks who sings Shane's song. Shane says it's Naughty By Nature. Are we going to hear this tune on an album? Shane says definitely. Maybe it will go under a WCW soundtrack. It was something new, and he felt that his dad's song was something old. He enjoyed that song for a while, but it's a whole new world. Howard asks Shane McMahon about Diamond Dallas Page and the impact he has made in the World Wrestling Federation with the Undertaker. Can Shane give us a little insight to the method behind the madness. Shane says that DDP is a little different.

He has his own agenda with the Undertaker. As long as Shane can stay away from the Undertaker, that's fine with him. Shane felt a little bit of responsibility at first, but now he's staying out of it. The reason the WWF guys aren't beating DDP down is because the Undertaker gave him a free pass. The WCW Champion, Booker T joins the show and Shane says what's up to Booker. Booker asks Shane what's going on. He's chilling out in Vegas. Shane's chilling out on Byte This!. Shane compliments Booker T on an excellent job. Nice shot on Austin. Booker T says that the plan worked to perfection. It couldn't have been better than that. Kevin says that Booker T has a big job and a big responsibility, because he's the WCW Champion. The leader, so to speak. Booker T says having a responsibility and it's a big one, he's taking it straight ahead. He's looking at taking WWF guys to another level, because WCW is in town. They aren't going anywhere. They are here to stay.

Kevin says to see Booker T and Shane at WWF NY on the stage, and then coming back to the arena. Shane asks how good that was. What a plan, huh? Hook, line and sinker! Kevin asks Booker T what it was like, hitting Vince with the kick. Booker T says that he dreamt about doing something like that to Mr. McMahon. Shane McMahon and Booker T are feeling real good. Stone Cold is hurting, and right now, they have the upper hand. Shane says that they have a couple of things planned for Monday, but they aren't letting it out. Shane says that they always have said that you never know what's going to happen in the World Wrestling Federation, and now, you really don't know. Kevin says there has to be some good feelings with WCW being around the WWF machine. Booker T has been with WCW since 1994. He's held the tag team titles 10 times and a four time WCW Champion. How does it feel to be a part of an organization that's ran the right way? Booker T says that he worked for WCW for 8 years now. The old WCW.

It was a good 8 years, and he always felt that he wanted to get out of the business. That's how much he had grown to hate the business side of professional wrestling. After a few weeks of working with the WWF, it's given him a whole new outlook on the business. He wants to be around for quite a while and maybe he can help the younger guys come along. The thing about the WWF is that it's one common goal and that's to keep the WWF fans and everyone happy. Kevin says WCW fans are going to enjoy it as well. The ratings were up on RAW and Smackdown!. Kevin asks Shane his feelings on what this is going to mean on the wrestling industry. Shane says he thinks it's great. It's shocking, surprising and you don't know what's going to happen. Anything goes. Kevin asks Shane when we are going to see some WCW ran shows, where it's just strictly WCW. Live events, or maybe even PPVs. Shane says they are working on that. Right now, they are blocked Television wise. Vince has done a hell of a job, blocking WCW.

Shane says that he's talked to his mom a little bit, and they start this Monday. People will get to see the WCW stars. Then they will start to do touring, pay per views and build it from there. Howard says that this coming Sunday in Washington, the good folks up there will get to see some of the WCW superstars, including Booker T. As they lead into July 22, they have Live events all over. Kevin asks Booker T his thoughts on being in the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden. That was the WWF's house, but WCW is tearing that wall down. Booker T says that it was overwhelming, and it was a big event, being at WWF NY. The atmosphere was great. It's all about the fans, and just to see how the fans come out and support WWF events and WWF staff is great. For Booker T to be a part of it, he's always wished for a dream that he never had, and it's finally come true. Kevin says Shane McMahon had a huge smile on his face when Mike Awesome stole the Hardcore Championship. Shane asks how he stole it? It's 24/7!

Vince McMahon isn't too happy with Shane right now, and he's sure that Rhyno isn't too happy either. Rhyno and Test went at it, and as soon as that ended, another match happened. Shane knows the system in the WWF better than everyone but Vince McMahon. He can't compete with Vince's check book, but he can compete with his brains. It should be an interesting battle back and forth. Shane still owns a part of the WWF, but he just happens to own all of WCW. He can go in and out if he wants to. Shane gets dirty looks in the locker room, and it's weird back there. Kevin tells Booker that he's going to have to have eyes in the back of his head, if he's around WWF events in the future. Booker T says that he's looking forward to being around the WWF. He's the WCW Champion, and he's looking forward to becoming the WWF Champion real soon. Kevin says that the final Nitro broadcast was a very memorable night for both Shane and Booker T. It was the night that Shane took WCW right out from Mr. McMahon, but it was also the night that Booker T became the WCW Champion again.

Booker T says that it was the end of a long road. Not the end of a book, but the end of a chapter. It was great for him, and his work finally paid off. He showed a lot of people that hard work does pay off. To Booker T, it was a great thing, but he doesn't feel that the book has been finished. There's a whole lot more to be written and the WWF is right there. Kevin says that Stone Cold Steve Austin has had a lot of unflattering comments about Booker T on RAW, and then he called him out on Smackdown!. What are Booker T's thoughts on Stone Cold. The man, the Champion. He's sold more tickets, merchandise and pay per views in history. Booker T says that he owns Stone Cold Steve Austin. That's how he feels about him. Booker T hopes that Stone Cold is listening to this, because Booker T owns Stone Cold, and there's a lot more to come. He can't take anything away from Stone Cold, because he's been a great Champion and a fighting Champion. You can't over look what Booker T has done. 10 time Tag Team Champion, 4 time Television Champion, 1 time US Champion and 4 time World Champion.

Stone Cold is going to get a whole lot more. Kevin Kelly and Howard Finkel thank Booker T for joining the show and Shane tells Booker T that he'll talk to him later as he leaves the show. They go to a caller, and the caller asks Shane what his favorite match is that he's been in. Shane says that he has liked them all. His favorite. They mean different things to him. He enjoyed his first pay per view match, which was against X-Pac at Wrestlemania. It was always special for him. Taking on Test at Summer Slam was tremendous. The hardest match he has done emotionally was at Wrestlemania, taking on his father. It's unnatural for a son to beat on a father and vice versa. The hardest physical match he's been in was at the King of the Ring. He really doesn't have a favorite, because they all mean different things to him. He enjoys going out there and doing the best he can. Kevin says after watching the match with Kurt, did the thought ever cross his mind that he doesn't want to do this anymore? Shane says that he doesn't know. He hasn't thought about it much.

His wife and mother would like for him to stop, but that's natural. You gotta do what you gotta do. Kevin asks Shane if he'll weigh those options down the line? Shane says that if the timing is right, you'll never know. They go to another caller, and the caller asks Shane how his relationship is with Stephanie, now that he owns WCW? Shane says that it's fine, because she's not really around right now. Shane laughs and says that's terrible to say. She's with Hunter, taking care of him. She's kind of out of his hair. They have been at odds, and Stephanie is a bit more mean spirited than most sisters. It's fine, because she's not around, and he's sure that she'll be back. They go to another caller, and the caller tells Shane that he had an excellent performance against Kurt Angle at the King of the Ring. The question is about WCW and Linda. Is there any chance of Linda joining Shane with WCW? Shane says there's always a chance, and she's always welcome, but it's going perfect. Vince is side tracked, and one thing Vince did teach Shane is that when you take your eye off the ball, that's a moment of weakness.

Kevin talks about Tough Enough for a few moments. Shane McMahon says that the show has to be more than a half hour. He was bummed out. They need more than that. Shane says that he hopes Tazz throws Darryl a beating. He's a monster, but he's a little baby. Shane says who knows, there are guys like that in the WWF locker room, but they turn out to be great athletes. Howard agrees with Shane. You get into the show, and it's gone. A half an hour isn't long enough. Kevin says that Shane can relate to the beginning when they were taking the big back bumps. The one girl kept hitting her head. Stephanie was there for the girl, and Shane says that he didn't learn that way. He learned the hard way. You tuck your chin and try not to pop your head off the mat. Those kids have a huge advantage. They are being trained by some of the best in the business. That's great. Kevin says that he sees a little spark and fire within Miss Jackie. She's drill sergeant like. She's always had a reputation for being tough in the locker room. She's hot. You want to dig her, but you hate her because she's so tough.

They go to another caller, and the caller says that Shane just saved the caller's day. Her grandfather is in the hospital and she's depressed, but now she can talk to Shane. The caller asks Shane, boxers or briefs. Shane says that he has to go with boxers. It's the kind of boxer/brief combo. That's the choice. The caller says that she's been a fan for 15 years, and the past couple of years, she's loved Shane and had him all over the wall and everything. She kept trying on the phone and kept getting busy signals. She's shaking as she's talking. Shane asks the caller if she has a picture of him on the wall still. The caller says yes, and Shane marks out. The caller leaves, and the Byte This! crew wishes the best for the caller's grandfather. Kevin tells Shane that his wife thinks that she's cute! Shane turns to Howard and says that he thinks he's cute. Kevin says that he is cute in his own little cuddly way. They go to another caller, and the caller says that he got to meet Shane and he was so excited to find out that Shane was in charge of WCW. Is there going to be more Cruiserweight Tag Team Champs?

Shane says there will be the Cruiserweight Division and a Champion of the Division. Shane says he doesn't know if they are going to do tag teams or not. He's discussing that with the talent. Kevin says that the caller had to have seen a lot of the old WCW product. What's his thoughts on the new WCW product? The caller says that the old WCW never really had any leadership and he feels that the WWF can really take over, especially with Shane in charge. They can take over and let the product get out there more. Kevin asks Shane how he's going to get some of the fans that were turned off in the past. Shane says that they are going to put on a great product. They are going to have the Cruiserweight Division, and Shane mentioned Kidman's name, which leads me to believe that they got him, despite other reports. Kevin asks Shane about Torrie Wilson, and Shane says that he can't compete with Vince's check book, and it'll be interesting to see what happens. They go to another caller, and the caller says that he's been a long time WWF fan since Larry Zybysko laid out Bruno Sammartino in a WWF ring.

The caller tells Shane that he has to bring Stacy Keibler to the ring every time he comes to the ring. She's the hottest Diva in wrestling. They are just about out of time on WWF Byte This!, but Shane says to continue on with the show and take more callers. They go to another caller, and the caller asks if there is going to be any more WCW Titles. Shane says that they are all in development. They had a ton of belts, and they are going to revamp. They have the US Title, Cruiserweight, Heavyweight and Tag, but it's still all in development. Howard says that Shane has the WCW web site really cooking, and Shane says it's coming along. The more stuff they do, the more content they can get up on the site. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire were tremendous on Smackdown!, and you can learn about them on Kevin says that he has one last question for Shane. What does he hope to accomplish at the Invasion pay per view? Shane says that you gotta stay tuned. It's about making a statement. They made a huge one at the Garden. The first time ever.

This Monday will be the first time ever we will have a WCW sanctioned match on WWF programming. Continuing from there, they are making a statement of superiority. Shock value, what have you. It's all about making a statement. Howard says that the day Shane took WCW from Vince, it was in Cleveland that Vince made the announcement, and it's going to be right in Cleveland, where the Invasion is going to be held. Kevin says they are just about out of time on Byte This!. Thanks to Shane and Booker T for joining the show. Kevin says as a fan, this is something that he's looked forward to his whole life. Thanks to all of the callers and Gameboy Advance, which is the sponsor for Byte This!. Next week's guest is scheduled to be Edge!